Rumours about Samsung Galaxy New Model S8 Will Amaze You

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best phones in the market these days and so obviously the generic public curiosity about what Samsung Galaxy new model will offer has been creating a lot of excitement. The upcoming sibling from Samsung family is its S8 model. Being potentially S8 Edge, it would be one of the game changers in the mobile world. So, apparently since day one, it has been surrounded by numerous facts and rumours. Let us have a quick look at what’s the talk of the town about the most-awaited handheld from the tech world.

As a part of the latest rumours, it followed one of the key aspects from Apple series. Apple is said to come up with a revised headset with an amazing audio output and USB type C. The rumours strongly encircle the same aspect as Samsung also inclined towards Type C. As per many sources, it has also been heard that Samsung would be coming with its very own standardized headset jack, which is going to be exclusive and will not be working with any iPhone.

Many sources indicate that Samsung S8 would be coming in two avatars: Dream and Dream 2 with code numbers SM-G950 and SMG955 respectively. And another speculation about the code names was made keeping the previous codes SM-G940 and SM-G945 following the S7 Edge and S7, which were SM-G935 and SM-G930. But it justifies the assumption as an outcome of Tetrophobia. In South Korea, the society considers number “4” as one of the unlucky signals, so the people over there really avoid number 4. Even in buildings, the 4th Floor is written as alphabet F to represent fourth floor. Samsung has done the same when we look back at the code manes GT-I9500 to Galaxy S4 and GT-I9300 to Galaxy S3.

As per history, Samsung generally launches all its devices in the months of February and March and in the initial launch days the phone is on Flash sales that absolutely sky-rockets the sales in an unexpectedly short span of period.

Samsung particularly takes it very seriously when it comes to launch time. It’s due to the MWC (Mobile World Congress), which is tablets and mobile phones most renowned tech show on the calendar. Samsung mostly prefers to launch its devices in a press conference during this period of time.

So, keeping all the milestones in picture, it can very well be forecasted that Samsung Galaxy new model S8 will be announced at MWC 2017 during February 27th – March 2nd 2017.

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