OnePlus 3 Review

The new OnePlus 3 is now official. It comes with a brand new metal design. It has an upgraded list of specifications and the current software just does a mind-blowing job of competing with major brands like Samsung, Apple and LG. Presently in the 3rd Gen, OnePlus 3 is probably the best phone from the very famous firm from China, which is now targeting to compete with the majorly reputed brands.

The current year’s model is just too awesome; it features a metal body design, which is much lighter and also thinner than the prior versions. It has a lot of new upgraded specifications, which include 6 GB of RAM; there is 64GB of storage in the standard phone and it also has a superb 16 MP camera (Sony). The price is much lesser than the premium brand phones.

O2 has now confirmed that it will specially have a stock of OnePlus 3, the first UK- based operator to be doing so. It will be made available on O2’s refreshed tariff, which will allow the customers to upgrade early from the other handset. O2 will be offering OnePlus 3 on the data tariff, which will range from 500 MB up to 20 GB; therefore, there is definitely something in the offering for all the budgets.

The customers will very soon find it difficult to purchase the phone due to shortage. There has been an immense demand for this model and that is the reason why the phone is not very easily available.  OnePlus has now made a confirmation that the rates of OnePlus 3 will shoot up after Brexit and depreciation of the pound. After a warning, OnePlus stated that after having seen the impact of the not very stable market or this extremely volatile market, the company officials are now going to be making some minor changes to the price structure of the phone.

There have been so many smartphone makers in the industry that have come up with some new sort of phones with multiple features. However, OnePlus 3 has been phenomenal since the time it was launched. People are pretty happy about this phone and it is in high demand for sure. The fact that there is excessive demand for this product itself can convey that this is a high quality phone.

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