Insight into Future of Furniture Shopping and 3 Cool Furniture Design and Planning Apps

The most common complaint for most online customers, especially from furniture buyers, is that whatever they order online does not live up to their expectations or doesn’t go well with the rest of the décor of room as expected.

Even if the websites do have the option of return, it can be such a hassle to pack it and send it back. So, don’t you wish there was an easier way? Well, there is… and, the latest solutions to the good old problem are the augmented reality apps. Such an app actually allows you to “try out” furniture in your living space without having to buy, pack, and all that hassle. This app has 3D images of furniture that you can virtually fit into any portion of your house to see how it could look and check if they do fit in there.

IKEA – the Pioneer!

IKEA is the first retailer to come up with this concept of allowing its potential customers to scan through their digital catalogue, pick up selected furniture and then use the camera of your phone/tablet and integrates it with the a function in the app to place the furniture virtually in any position you would like. This allows you to see if it perfectly fits your place.

You can pick a grandfather’s chair and place it by the fire place to see if the wood colouring matches or if the chair would need more space. You can also colour coordinate the entire room with this simple remarkable app.

3 More Cool Furniture Apps

  • Master Design: This great app provides end to end solution for all you furnishing needs. You can begin with designing the furniture using the app’s 3D imaging feature. You can make an entire plan for your house along with the floor plan (with an aerial view). You can then design the furniture and position them in areas you like. The app also allows you to pick a preferred finish and take a picture. The app includes over 3000 different items and hundreds of finishes. The items include kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, office, living room, study room etc. This app is free of charge and the picture can be uploaded on to other designing apps to add other features.

  • Office Furniture and Design: This app has a mind-blowing 5000+ varieties of office furniture ideas in all possible themes and looks. Be it sleek modern furniture for office or a snug work space at your home, this is just the ultimate solution to any office furnishing requirement. It also has a number of pictures of great offices, designs and a whole lot more. The best part is that it is free to try out.

  • Furniture Making: This app is not just high ranking but unique for obvious reasons- it is a consolidated app with information on furniture making, raw materials sources, tools and just about everything you will need to know about furniture making. Get the latest deals and keep yourself updated on the latest buzz about furniture with this free app.

With apps that can design, help you organize modern furniture for office and home, future of furniture shopping is certainly far from the long waits in queues, and tolerating the mediocre furniture items sold at local stores.

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