Education and Qualifications for joining career in mobile technology

The stream of Mobile and Wireless Computing is specialization and expertise oriented. This stream requires candidate to possess an Engineering Degree with specialization in Mobile Computing, Wireless, Tele-communications or any other streams related specifically with Networking. In many cases, CCNA,CCNP could be an option.

Some of the educational qualifications required to join the stream of mobile and wireless computing are:

  • B.E./B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • M.Tech. Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Diploma Holders in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Certificate in Mobile Technology
  • Certification in Wireless Networking
  • Associate of Science in Mobile Technology
  • Associate degree in Mobile Communications Technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mobile And Networks Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Information Technology—Mobility
  • Master’s degree program in Mobile Technology and Business
  • Learning Design and Technology Masters Program (Education)
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Telecommunications, Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobility, Security, Wireless Sand Networking.

    The career in mobile and wireless workforce is very demanding now a days. Escalating use of wireless devices such as smart phones, notebooks, cell phones and laptops has generated motivation as well as competition to ensure these tools function effectively and securely.

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